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Kolovesi National Park located in the Etelä-Savo region of Finland, municipality of Enonkoski. It protects e.g. the habitat of the critically endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal. Typical of the rugged scenery of Kolovesi, formed by the ice age, are craggy cliffs rising from the water. Ancient rock paintings give insights into how Finland’s early settlers lived in harmony with nature thousands of years ago.

  • The National Park was established at 1990 and covers 23 km2.
  • Kolovesi National Park is to a canoer’s paradise. Canoeing allows you to truly appreciate the tranquillity of Lake Saimaa, its rugged banks and the surrounding wilderness. You might even spot a Saimaa ringed seal. Good places for setting off are the boat ramps at Käkövesi and Kirkkoranta.
  • Some areas of the park are private property. Please respect the signs!
  • Kolovesi is also great for longer canoeing excursions if you bring your own tent. The 40-km route around the park takes two or three days.
  • The relatively challenging Nahkiaissalo Nature Trail (3.3 km) takes walkers through mysterious ancient woodland and beautiful lakeland scenery to the site of an old tar-burning pit. There is also a good place for swimming along the trail and a picnic area at the Lohilahti camping site.
  • There are also rock paintings on the walls of Vierunvuori and Haukkavuori.  Vierunvuori is located just 500 metres off the Heinävesi route and it has a vertical rock face with a painting approximately 10 metres off the ground.

By Car

  • Kolovesi National Park is located south of the main road no 23.
  • It is about 15 km from the municipality of Enonkoski to the boat launching place of Käkövesi, where there is an information board with a map. The way is signposted from the centre of Enonkoski, from where you need to continue in the road no 471 to the ferry over Hanhivirta and onto the fork of the road going to Käkövesi boat launching place, where there is a brown and white sign to Kolovesi National Park Käkövesi. There is a parking area at Käkövesi  boat launching place. Parking area is not ploughed in winter.
  • When going to Nahkiaissalo Nature Trail, you need to drive the road 471 further. There is a brown and white sign to Kolovesi National Park Nahkiaissalo at the fork to Selkälahti of the road no 471. There is a parking area at the starting point of the Nahkiassalo Nature Trail on the road going to Selkälahti. Selkälahti road and parking area are not ploughed in winter.
  • Kirkkoranta boat launching place is located 22 km north of Enonkoski. Drive the road no 471. After the fork to Nahkiassalo  continue 6 km the road 471 onwards. There is a sign to Kolovesi National Park Kirkkoranta in the fork to Kirkkoranta. In the end of the road on the shore of Kolovesi there is a parking area. The road leading to Kirkkoranta and the parking area there are not ploughed in winter.
  • Note! Google Maps has a wrong address and leads to a wrong place. The correct address to the main entrance is Kirkkorannantie 200, 58180 Enonkoski.

By Boat

By Public Transportation

  • It is about 33 km to Enonkoski from Savonlinna, and about 55 km from Heinävesi. From Enonkoski it is about 15 km to Käkövesi boat launching place and about 22 km to Kirkkoranta boat launching place. It is about 55 km to Savonranta from Savonlinna. From Savonranta it is about 25 km to Käkövesi boat launching place and 21 km to Kirkkoranta boat launching place.
    • The nearest coach services ( are to Enonkoski and to Savonranta on weekdays from Savonlinna or Joensuu (Heinävesi) direction.
    • The railway station closest to the national park is in Vihtari, and it can be reached every day by train from South (Helsinki) and North (Joensuu).
    • The best way to reach National Park Kolovesi from bus or train station is by taxi.
    • There are no services in Kirkkoranta.
    • There are also train ( and flight ( connections to Savonlinna.

Customer Service and Guidance

  • Kolovesi Nature Information Hut in Enonkoski.
    • Open from June to August.
    • At the Nature Information Hut you can get information on exploring the National Park, renting canoes and boats, and obtaining fishing permits and licences.
  • In other times of year, information on Kolovesi National Park and other nature destinations nearby can be got at Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari.
    • Most of the information is also available in English, Swedish and German.

Please read instructions and rules in Kolosaari National Park before visiting.
You can leave your photos and review at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy your visit!



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