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Pirkkala Sculpture Park consists of more than 30 public sculptures. The sculpture park runs along the shore of Vähäjärvi in ​​the Pirkkala municipal center, but there are also sculptures in the schools of nearby Suupaniitty and Naistenmatka and in the vicinity of Suupantori.

  • The works are for many local residents during the morning or evening run or a business trip, and the Vähäjärvi tour is also suitable for a summer tourist’s day walk. The works have mainly been completed in four Pirkkala Sculpture events in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007. In 20 years, the works have merged into the landscape and Pirkkala. The sculpture park features works by domestic and international sculptors, e.g. Keiko Kubota-Miuru, Carl Billinsley, Matti Varik, Julie Silver, Villu Jaanisoo, Kain Tapper, Maria Kausalainen.
  • Only some of the works are presented in the photo gallery. Gallery photos by Olli Maasalmi.
  • Printable map of the statue park.



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