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Linnansaari National Park located in the Southern Savo and Northern Savo regions of Finland. It lies in the middle of the lake Haukivesi, a part of greater Saimaa. The municipality of Rantasalmi is about 44 km from the town of Savonlinna and 45 km from the town of Varkaus. The village of Oravi is 40 km from Savonlinna and 60 km from Varkaus.

  • The National Park was established at 1956 to conserve the valuable natural features of the Finnish lakeland.
  • Access to the Linnansaari National Park is by water.
  • The main island has an old croft, the courtyard of which is considered a traditional landscape, and the fields of which are still used for digging to protect old cultural species.
  • Linnansaari National Park is home to the Saimaa ringed seal and some of the most beautiful lakeland scenery in the area. One of Finland’s densest osprey populations also nests there.
  • There are marked routes in the national park only on Linnansaari. Linnansaari has three ring routes, which can be formed into several different routes.
  • From Poronsalmi there are guided tours (Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän) to Linnansaari.

By Car

  • You can drive from either the centre of Rantasalmi 7 km towards Varkaus, to Porosalmi Village, or start your trip from Oravi Village. In summer season both have daily boat services  to the main island of the National Park.
  • Parking areas: Porosalmentie 313 Rantasalmi, Mustalahdentie Rantasalmi.

By Boat

  • During Summer there is a daily boat service ( between Oravi and Linnansaari.
  • Visitors with their own boat can arrive from either Varkaus or Savonlinna directions. Varkaus – Savonlinna route goes through the area.
  • The northern parts of the park can be reached from either Heinävesi or Joensuu directions, via Tappuvirta Channel.
  • The main island of the park (Linnansaari Island) can be accessed from the east through the Canals of either Oravi or Haponlahti.
  • From the Mustalahti Gueststage (3,5 km from the centre of Rantasalmi) it is easy to start your trip to the National Park waters with your own boat.
  • From the centre of Rantasalmi you can get to Linnansaari by following the marked route via Ketvele Canal (1,3 m deep).
  • On Linnansaari waters there are suitable landing places for both small boats and bigger sailboats.

By Public Transportation

  • There are train (, bus ( and aeroplane ( connections to Savonlinna and Varkaus.
  • From Varkaus and Savonlinna there are a daily bus connections, on weekdays close to Porosalmi (in Rantasalmi).
  • The nearest bus stop when travelling to Linnansaari via Rantasalmi on the coach coming from Varkaus is at the fork of the road to Porosalmi, about 3 km away from Porosalmi.
    • The nearest bus stop when travelling to Linnansaari via Oravi is on the road 468 at Saimaansydän Oravi. Services of Saimaansydän Oravi include a Canoeing Centre, a hostel, a shop, a restaurant and a guestharbour, which is the departure place for the boat services to the National Park. Oravi Canoeing Centre has tourist information point, and information boards.

Customer Service and Guidance

  • Sammakkoniemi Camping
    • Guided tours (pre ordered) in the National Park.
    • Maps and fishing permits are sold.
  • Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari is located in Savonlinna, about 40 km from the main island of the park.
    • Information on hiking, boating and canoeing in Linnansaari National Park and in other nature destinations nearby.

Please read instructions and rules in Linnansaari National Park before visiting.
You can leave your photos and review at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy your visit!



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