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Helvetinjärvi National Park is a 49.8 square kilometer national park established in 1982 in the municipality of Ruovesi in Pirkanmaa.

  • Lake Helvetinjärvi is characterized by gorge valleys that are millions of years old, creating a rugged and varied character in the everlasting forest of Pirkanmaa.
  • The best known of the many gorges in the area is the Helvetinkolu in the southeast corner of Lake Helvetinjärvi, which has been a well-known tourist attraction since the 19th century.
  • The park is mainly a former commercial forest. The storms that raged in 2010 felled a lot of forest in Helvetinjärvi National Park. The traces of the storm diversify the nature of the national park as fallen trees are left to rot in the park. This helps many insects, such as beetles and dicotyledons, that are dependent on rotting wood.
  • Hell`s Gate has a restaurant, toilet, shower, water point, RV area, cottage rental and parking. The restaurant has an info point, souvenirs and local food as wild boar and ostrich.
  • Helvetinjärvi National Park is above all a place of breathtaking views: deep gorges, steep-walled lakes and small ponds hidden in the woods. The park’s two gorges were formed between 150 and 200 million years ago by faults in the bedrock. The walking trails take you through an ancient landscape that have inspired many an artist over the centuries.

By Car

  • Access to the western part of the Park is from Kuru-Virrat road (no. 65) via Kallio village.
  • Access to the eastern part of the Park is from Ruovesi-Virrat road (no. 66) via Pohtio village.
  • Driving directions to Seitseminen Nature Centre.

By Public Transportation

  • Helvetinjärvi National Park cannot be reached by public transportation. The nearest bus stop is at the main road, about 10 km from the park.
    • Local buses and express coaches ( run between Ruovesi and Virrat. From the road turning to Pohtio village it is 10 km to Helvetinkolu in the eastern part of the park.
    • There are daily coach services (, Kuruntie, Kuru road) from Tampere to Ruovesi and Kuru.

Customer Service and Guidance

  • Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland
    Tel. int +358 (0)206 39 5270

Restaurant Helvetin Portti

There is a restaurant at Kankimäki parking area (Helvetinkoluntie 775), +358 3 476 6104. Information and maps are available at the restaurant. Restaurant services include also accomodation, Caravan-park and WLAN connection. Restaurants specialty is wild boar and ostrich meals.

Campfire Sites, Cooking Shelters and Day Trip Hut

  • Heinälahti: Campfire site
  • Haukanhieta: 2 Campfire sites and cooking shelter (with flue)
  • Iso Ruokejärvi: Campfire site
  • Helvetinkolu: Campfire site and day trip hut, where wooden stove and fireplace (with flue)
  • Luomajärvi: Campfire site,
  • Luomanlahti: cooking shelter (with flue)
  • Ruokejärvet: Campfire site
  • Valkoinen: Campfire site

Please read instructions and rules in Helvetinjärvi National Park before visiting.
You can leave your photos and review at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy your visit!



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