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Hiidenportti National Park is located in the municipality of Sotkamo, in the province of Kainuu. The name of the park comes from the Hiidenportti gorge.

  • The park covers an area of ​​45 square kilometers and is characterized by a fragmented landscape of bogs and fabrics.
  • The area is an original primeval forest. The area has been separated into Park Forest and Aarnimetsä since the 1940s. The area was expanded in the 1970s.
  • In the northern part of the park there is the Palolampi information center. The core of the national park is the Hiidenportti gorge. The area is also called Portinsalo.
  • The last fellings have been made there in the early 20th century.
  • Hikers are served by a dense network of trails with sheds and campfire sites.

By Car

  • A small signposted road leads to Palolampi information point in the north of the National Park from road 76, which runs between Sotkamo and Kuhmo. The road passes by Tipasoja.
  • To Palolampi information point leads another small signposted road from road 5284, which runs between Kuhmo and Valtimo.
  • For navigator use the address Hiidenportintie 86, Sotkamo.
  • Visitors can also get to the National Park from Käärmesärkkä and Urpovaara parking areas, which are on road 5284.
  • There are almost 30 km of marked and duckboard covered hiking trails in Hiidenportti National Park.

The road Hiidenportintie leading to Palolampi information point is ploughed in winter. However, you should be aware of sudden snowfalls. The road leading to Urpovaara is not ploughed. 

By Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Hiidenportti National Park.

Customer Service and Guidance

  • Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola
  • +358 206 39 6380
  • Lentiirantie 342, 88900 Kuhmo
  • Palolampi information point
    • No permanent guide is present.
    • Hiidenportintie 86, 88600 Sotkamo

Please read instructions and rules in Hiidenportti National Park before visiting.
You can leave your photos and review at the bottom of this page!  Enjoy your visit!



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